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TSOTW: Black Panther Party

I went to see the new Black Panther movie earlier in the week, and absolutely loved it. I wanted to pick up a fanboy T-shirt somewhere, but the official ones are a bit lame, unfortunately. Luckily the good people at Bootleg are here to fill that void in the market with some excellent graphic tees inspired by the movie. This is one of my favorites – it plays with both the name of the character, as well as that of the Oakland-based political activist & revolutionary group with the same name. Much of the movie is set in Oakland, fittingly. Wakanda forever! Available at Hutch.


LB-based artist Francisco Reyes Jr., a/k/a Never Made (interviewed) has teamed up with OBEY Clothing for an artist series collab and they’re launching it in downtown Long Beach tomorrow evening, with DJ sets and tiny tattoos and other things that are good.

Water & Power: A California Heist

Netflix has been on a roll when it comes to interesting documentaries, lately. I think if you live in California this National Geographic documentary is absolutely crucial watching. It’s not a fun watch, don’t get me wrong. More like shocking, and eye-opening. You won’t believe what has been going on in towns like East Porterville, a small town, just about 150 miles from my house, where the people don’t have running water. In the richest state in the country, no less. How is that possible? Just released on Netflix.

Robert Scissorhands

This week’s T-Shirt Of The Week comes from the good people at LA-based brand DRTY. I’m not a particularly huge fan of The Cure (yeah, I said it) and even I know that that’s not frontman Robert Smith pictured here. It is in fact, none other than Edward Scissorhands, as played by Johnny Depp in the movie, Edward Scissorhands. So wrong it has to be right – kinda reminds me of the Bootleg Concert Tees Gone Wrong, joints from a couple years back which I loved too.

Heavy Manners

Yesterday seemed like such a big day in the history of our little planet, thanks to SpaceX. As many people have commented online and presumably elsewhere, it’s exciting that we’re on the verge of getting way past the moon, almost as if we’re living in a sci-fi story, or in a good David Bowie song, perhaps. I wonder if any aliens noticed. The synchronized landing of the boosters was unexpectedly beautiful too.

All The Buildings In Paris

ALL THE BUILDINGS IN PARIS: That I’ve Drawn So Far is the latest book out from talented artist & illustrator James Gulliver Hancock, via Universe Publishing. If you loved his previous titles based on the buildings of London and NYC, you’ll no doubt enjoy this new hardcover too. If you’re into art/illustration, architecture, and travel, this is a real treat either way. James’ unique illustrations cover the city’s most famous buildings and landmarks (both historic, and modern) as well as some much lesser-known examples of local construction. And as much as I enjoy Hancock’s lively illustration work, his hand-lettering throughout the book is really nice too.. [Read More]

Deceptively Flat

Happy Monday. I’m an absolutely huge Rowan Atkinson fan – perhaps because I was born in the UK, that my parents hipped me to Atkinson, years before he became internationally-known as “Mr. Bean.” I really enjoyed this look at his mastery of physicality by Nerdwriter1, I found it in the recent Booooooom newsletter; thanks Jeff!