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This is the latest video from British singer Hollie Cook, in a modern spin on the Lover’s Rock genre of reggae. Her singing is incredible, and the production is amazingly lush and complex. Plus, it was shot here in LA. Enjoy.

Imprint Presents John Maeda

Here’s a short video with highlights from a fascinating Imprint Presents talk I was lucky enough to help produce last year. John Maeda, is a gifted speaker who bridges design, technology, and leadership in a unique way. He also brought along several esteemed guests Jackie Xu, Sash Catanzarite, John Underkoffler, & Ivan Bercovich to stoke the conversation. My favorite parts were when he discussed his experiences visiting and working in Japan as a Japanese American, and also his inspiring idea of “do both.”

Invader in Tanzania

French artist Invader, probably my favorite street artist, has recently done some impressive and remarkably well-placed installations in Tanzania....

Space Gif-iti

Late pass on this one but it’s too good not to share. Animated Gifs are usually made on a computer, but UK artist INSA does them manually – painting a wall, photographing it, and then repainting the whole wall in alternating colors, etc. This one was so big, they shot it from a satellite. Via The World’s Best Ever.

POW! WOW! Taiwan Photos

Keeping the POW! WOW! Taiwan 2014 theme going today, here are a dozen photos capturing several of the murals...