¡¡¡Las Ganas Son Gratis!!!

Another great poster print by Ernesto Yerena, and he doesn’t have to worry about getting sued by the AP, because it’s based on his own photo! He explains, “‘Las Ganas Son Gratis’ translates to ‘motivation/desire is free’, which is a message to all those that think that they can’t do what they want because of excuses. To me success is not measured in money or how dope your ride is but just doing what I wish on my own terms regardless of funds. If you want to go to school, buy a house, or even change the world, just use some Ganas and start working towards that eventually – it will become reality.  The reason I chose this portrait to illustrate is because I felt that this musician really does what he wants. Being a street musician in East LA is not the most common or traditional way of getting by, but that doesn’t seem to scare this guy. Two weeks ago, I saw him again, walking down Cesar Chavez with his instrument, and I was inspired to make a piece from the photo I had shot a year earlier.” It’s 18 x 24 inches, 4 color print, edition of 40, $65 shipped domestically. If you’re interested in purchasing one please email Ernesto directly.

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