The Stepkids Horror Mixtape

Happy Saturday. About a week back, Connecticut-based psyche funk group The Stepkids released an eclectic horror-themed mix in anticipation of their upcoming album release. Features the likes of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, David Bowie, Thelonius Monk, Parliament, and the Specials. Good stuff.


superheavy cover

SuperHeavy is a new “supergroup” made up of Mick Jagger, Damien Marley, Joss Stone, Dave Stewart, and A. R. Rahman. Seems like a pretty eclectic and talented bunch. Their first album drops today. “Miracle Worker” is the debut single, and the album cover art was done by Shepard Fairey…

The Dark Side of the Rainbow

pink floyd wizard oz dark side rainbow

Rumor has it that if you pair up the audio from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon with the visuals from the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, all kinds of mind-boggling synchronicity takes place. Pink Floyd have said this is purely coincidence, but thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can decide for yourself. Via The World’s Best Ever.