12oz Prophet just posted an interesting interview with Kunle Martins, perhaps best known as EARSNOT, president of NYC’s Irak crew. Via FRESHNGOOD.

Shark Bait

Speaking of music I’m into, the good people at Modern Shark have just unleashed their Modern Shark Sampler Tape Number Three, available streaming and as a free download. Features a whole slew of talented gents from NYC, including mighty mighty Tone Tank and Cool Calm Pete.

Rap Bored

Put the fun back into hip-hop with the Rap Board. Famous emcees and their trademark ad-lib noise things. This is why the interwebs were woven, I tell ya. Via Foil Teeth.

Biyeolhan Guhri

I watched this Korean gangster flick on Netflix streaming recently, and really enjoyed it. It’s from 2006. The English title, A Dirty Carnival, seems a bit clunky to me. It’s a tale about vicious cycles in the underworld – what goes around, comes around, essentially…

Horiren First

Australian photographer Nicole Reed has been popping up on the blogs a lot lately, thanks to this series of photos about Horiren First, a Japanese tattoo artist. Nice work Nicole!!

It Was 20 Years Ago Today

ain't no sunshine deni hines rockmelons

This song by the Rockmelons (featuring Deni Hines) came out about 20 years ago, when I was growing up in Sydney. I thought it was super cool. I’m pretty sure I heard this before hearing the original by Bill Withers.

The Crossroads

robert johnson

Yesterday, NPR’s All Things Considered had a fascinating segment about two seminal recordings which happened 75 years ago (yesterday). November 23rd, 1936 earned a place in the history books when Robert Johnson recorded 8 songs, including “Cross Road Blues” in Texas…[Read More]