Cruising with Aaron De La Cruz

By way of a cool promotional move for the new plug-in model of the Prius, Toyota are offering four custom artist-designed Signature Series decals for the car. The lineup includes Aaron De La Cruz, as well as Geoff McFetridge, Hunter Gatherer, and Joshua Davis. I’d be so stoked on one of these.

Take Care

Egotripland have posted some funny alternate cover designs (and alternate album names to boot) for Drake’s latest effort, Take Care. I’ve given it a few listens and haven’t managed to start liking it yet.

Logo Development with Alan Ariail

As well as taking the time to create a new logo, and do an interview for the site, Alan Ariail was kind enough to walk through each of major the steps that went into the development of the new logo up top, taking us from a rough sketch to a crisp vector graphic…

T-Files 035: Alan Ariail

Since you’re visiting the site, it’s a safe bet you know I’m a little bit of a typography hobbyist. A fan. A weekend warrior. Alan Ariail, however, is the real deal. As if to prove the point, his website is Alphabet Guy and he has TYPO in his phone number. Typography is a lot more than a hobby for him, it’s his profession. [Read More]