Eighty Nine Tech Nine

Revisit the legendary ’90s Stretch & Bobbito hip-hop radio show with this live audio from their recent set at Mighty SF for Red Bull Music Academy. Via Egotripland.


Two weeks back, I made a road trip to SF. It was my first time back there in about 16 years. It was great. Can’t wait to go back. Here are some photos I shared via Instagram. [Read More]


Lookin4Galt is what happens when some funny Frenchmen, called Gasface, go to NYC on a mission to find composer/producer Galt McDermot. Via Egotripland.

Google That

When Larry met Sergey

When Larry Met Sergey is the story behind Google. Check out the nice, dynamic infographic-style website. It very nicely documents the way that the company went from practically nothing to the biggest thing ever, in the space of about 15 years. Designed by Peter Kim.