Look Around the Corner

Invested in this new LP from Quantic & Alice Russell with the Combo B├írbaro, and I’m really enjoying it. It’s a whole lot of soulful rare groove slightly funky Sunday afternoon type stuff with some very impressive vocals, and as expected, the arrangements are lovely. Enough jibber jabber, play the videos. [Watch Videos]

GO For Yourself

go app, iPhone, android, geolocation, map, social media, snap, shoot, speak

So I’ve been playing with this interesting social media platform called GO. It’s free a smartphone app available for iPhone and Android. One of the ways you can search content is via the map. So you can see what’s been posted in your neighborhood. Zoom out to world view, and you can see what’s been posted recently from all around the world. [Read More]

1-2-1 w/THE RZA

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Here’s the latest one-on-one interview from jeffstaple. It’s a talk with The RZA from Wu-Tang Clan. I got to see the precursor to this discussion, which went down at the Apple store in Santa Monica, earlier the same evening. [Watch Videos]

Fafi Book Release Party

fafi, the carmine vault, nucleus, alhambra, release, book, party, gallery, exhibit

Tomorrow night, Nucleus gallery welcome French artist Fafi to Alhambra, for an exhibit of new work, and a book release party. There will be prints, totes, and her new book The Carmine Vault will be available too. Also, cupcakes.

The Boneyard Projects

In addition to having an almost unforgivably cool-sounding name, this video pretty much made my day thanks to its combination of art and old military aircraft. Beautiful stuff. Also, the Black Keys. Via jeffstaple.

Heavyweight Champions

t-world, mishka, nyc, brooklyn, event, heavyweight champions, friday, 13th,

There are quite a few events going on in NYC to celebrate the launch of T-world #7. This Friday, the 13th, Mishka and T-world are joining forces to release a limited edition collaborative tee. 7-10pm at the Mishka store in Brooklyn.

Jewel City

above, south africa, diamond, jewel city, diamond, art, street, lettering

Wandering artist Above has struck again. This time, he’s painted a political message on the exterior wall of the Jewel City diamond trading center in Johannesburg, South Africa. Check the full story behind this latest work on the Vimeo page.