Draw Something

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I’ve been pretty heavily into Draw Something Free recently. It’s essentially charades with pictures. You and one other player take turns, guessing the word they’ve drawn for you, and then choosing one of three words to draw for them. And then you wait. It might sound ridiculously simple, but like a lot of simple phone apps, it’s remarkably enjoyable. Available for iPhone and Android phones.

Cultural Amnesia

clive james cultural amnesia

Ever since investing in a Kindle, I can’t seem to stop reading. I just wrapped up Cultural Amnesia by Australian expat author, entertainer, critic, TV personality, thinker, and general all-round intellectual Renaissance man, Clive James. The Kindle is relevant here… [Read More]


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In order to celebrate the move into their new space, Digital Gravel are currently offering 50% off everything on the site. Not sure how long the Spring sale continues, so there’s no time like the present, really.

1-2-1 with Paul Mawhinney

jeff staple, jeffstaple, paul mawhinney, record, rama, interview, video

Just in from jeffstaple, check out this interview with Paul Mawhinney. As the owner of Record-Rama in Pittsburgh, PA, Paul is widely recognized an absolutely epic collector and dealer of fine vinyl. It’s borderline insane. Incidentally, Record Store Day is coming up later this month. You know what to do. [Watch Video]


benjie escobar the hundreds senior designer artist

I was really stoked to see that The Hundreds posted a short video focused on their Senior Designer Benjie Escobar. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, he’s one of the nicest, most talented people you could possibly hope to meet anywhere, and more so within the “streetwear” “community.” [Watch Video]

LA Walls 01

los angeles art street graffiti streetart west hollywood john lennon

I’m gonna start posting some of my photos of art from around LA here. There’s a ton of it out there and I haven’t really figured out how to tackle the issue yet. Do I group posts by neighborhood? By artist? By theme? Please excuse me while I take far too long to figure that out. In the meantime, here’s the first batch of randomly assorted pics. [Read More]

Diplo Launch Parties

128 beats per minute launch nyc diplo

If you’re interested in the new Diplo book I featured yesterday, and you happen to be in or around NY or LA, there are some upcoming events to check out. The NYC launch party is this coming Saturday, April 7th. The LA event is billed as a Coachella afterparty, and lands on Monday, April 16th. [Read More]

128 Beats Per Minute

128 beats per minute diplo visual guide dj music hollertronix

128 Beats Per Minute: Diplo’s Visual Guide to Music, Culture, and Everything in Between is a new photography book from Universe, which documents the travels and adventures of Wesley Pentz, better known as Diplo. I’m sure most visitors to this site are familiar with the globetrotting DJ/Producer/Label Head… [Read More]