Summertime III

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Here’s some new old music to start your week with. DJs Mick Boogie and Jazzy Jeff have teamed up for the third installation of their Summertime mix tape series. Via 2dopeboyz.

The Yok

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Speaking of Perth, Australian artist The Yok is from Perth. Now he lives and works in Brooklyn. French website au secours j’ai un blog have a nice feature with some of his more recent work. Head to his personal site for a whole lot more.


roa, west australia, perth, platypus, wombat

I’ve posted a little bit of ROA’s work here in LA before. Here’s a nice feature of ROA’s latest work in Perth, Western Australia, over on Wooster Collective. Even though I’ve never actually lived in “the most remote city on Earth,” it’s sort of my hometown in a funny way. It’s a beautiful place. Here are some more West Australia photos from a trip there last year. EDIT: My mother very kindly pointed out that 2/3 of those photos are definitely in Sydney. Here’s a real photo of ROA in West Australia.

My Favorite Taco

la taco, patrick martinez interview, art, artist, los angeles, taco

LA TACO have just posted a new interview with the talented Patrick Martinez. The interview kicks off with a question about Patrick’s favorite taco spot, and then moves right along into talking about his artwork. Stay tuned for his upcoming solo exhibit at Known Gallery, which opens June 16th.

Behind the Design

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Skate retailer CCS created this “Behind the Design” video on The Hundreds. The video covers their design & production process, from start to finish. It opens with Senior Designer Benjie Hundreds explaining how the designs are created and digitized. Then it jumps over to the screen printing facility where Old Man is hard at work producing the latest TH tees. Via The Hundreds. [Watch video]