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Speaking of talented people doing big things, SF-based artist Hannah Stouffer (interviewed) is opening a new installation at Kinfolk Studios in NYC tomorrow evening. It’s by the same folk who do Kinfolk Bicycles, and it’s a gallery space located in Brooklyn; 90 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211. 7pm-12pm. Her recent work looks absolutely stunning.

Artsy Beemers

While I’m more of a Japanese car guy myself, I will admit that Beemers tend to look pretty impressive with some decent art. The Bavarian powerhouse’s propensity for working with talented artists, turning works of engineering into works of art, is really commendable. There is an exhibition of the BMW Art Cars going on at the moment in London right now, but it’s probably easier to click over to The Worlds Best Ever and check their slideshow instead. The BMW Art Car Collection site is pretty impressive too. [Watch the Video]

Deep Covers

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I was lucky enough to interview the talented Oliver “O-Dub” Wang for Imprint Culture Lab recently. Oliver is an accomplished journalist, having written for just about every well-respected music outlet ever. On top of that, he runs Soul-Sides, which has been one of my favorite music sites for about a decade now. And somehow, in spite of having the other two jobs, he’s also an Assistant Professor at CSU Long Beach. Apparently nobody told him you can’t hold three jobs, be a dad, have your own books published, and release compilation CDs all at the same time…


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SOLAR is a brand new weather app for the iPhone, developed by my buddies at Hollr, a Long Beach-based app development firm. I was lucky enough to work closely with them on this project, and am happy to say it’s available in the iTunes store. It’s $0.99 and in exchange for your hard-earned cash, you get a really nice-looking, fresh new approach to your good old weather app. It displays the weather with a beautiful gradient, representing the weather (top) and temperature (bottom). That information is displayed as text too. Scroll up, and you get the 24hr-forecast, displayed in shifting gradients. Pull down, and it displays the 3-day forecast. Weather has never been cooler. [View Photos & Video]

Post-Apocalypse Now

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Here are two very different post-apocalyptic novels I’ve read recently. In spite of sounding like a Futurama episode, Daniel H. Wilson’s Robopocalypse, is a gripping account of the collapse of modern civilization, at the hands of one very angry computer program. For lack of better literary comparisons, it’s something of an action flick; all one-liners and heroics and somewhat unexpected explosions. [Read More]

Mike Giant Opening

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Mike Giant is opening a new solo exhibit at FFDG in San Francisco tonight. That’s the gallery space associated with the Fecal Face art blog. It’s at 2277 Mission St. The opening is from 7pm-10pm, and the show runs through August 12th. Via Living Proof.

Agenda NYC Art

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Sounds like Agenda NYC went really well. The other day, I mentioned that Jeff Hamada was taking a posse of artists out from the Pacific Northwest, and he’s posted two recaps on the Booooooom site. Day 1 and Day 2. Looks amazing.