Van Damme

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Brooklyn-based artist Kevin Cyr makes absolutely incredible oil paintings of all sorts of vehicles, including lots of graffiti-covered vans. He just had a solo exhibit at Jonathan Levine Gallery in NYC, and was also featured in the June issue of Juxtapoz, not to mention the NY Times. It’s easy to see why. Via Inspirationfeed.


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Here are some great tees from BCCP (Big Chris’ Car Parts). This isn’t another streetwear brand about cars, but rather, an actual LA car culture boutique which produces a clothing line as well as dealing in car parts. Big Chris Martinez has loved LA car culture for years, getting into customization early on. That turned into stealing cars for a living; mostly lowriders. Several years later, having done some time in the big house, and having had time to rethink things, Big Chris has redirected his passion for cars and his talent for customization into a much more positive direction. BCCP is the result. [Check Out the Tees]


LUDWIG VAN are releasing their Summer goodies this week, including another fascinating dead-stock offering. This time, they’ve secured some incredibly rare Cross Colours x Kris Kross (yes, you read that right) dead-stock printed jersey knit, and turned it into some lovely limited edition tanks, tees, and hoods. The Summer drop also includes more incredible cut & sew tanks, tees, hoods, hats, and accessories. Available in the LUDWIG VAN Shop and at other fine retailers.

Never Sorry

ai weiwei, never sorry, trailer, movie, art, china, artist, alison klayman

Sophia Chang posted the trailer for the upcoming Never Sorry movie on the Staple Design blog a few days back. It’s about the world famous Chinese artist/activist Ai Weiwei. I think the trailer is well worth watching. What a compelling story. Can’t wait to see the full movie now. [View Trailer]

Charis Tsevis Illustrations

charis tsevis, mosiac illustration, editorial design

Charis Tsevis makes some pretty incredible editorial illustrations. His “mosaic illustrations” are essentially collages constructed out of smaller elements which relate to the subject in question. For example, the Shaq portrait is made with the logos of the brands which he represents. InspireFirst have put together a nice selection for a quick snapshot of the Greek designer’s work.