Trece Opening

trece, big sleeps, joe prime reza, prime, art, opening, chaz bojorquez, estevan oriol, plaza de la raza, los angeles

Fans of Angeleno lettering styles will definitely want to check out the new exhibit opening at Plaza de la Raza Boathouse Gallery in Lincoln Heights tomorrow. Trece features hand-painted skate decks by Joe “Prime” Reza and Big Sleeps, as well as work by Chaz Bojorquez, Estevan Oriol, and more. Check the flyers for all the details.

Marvelous Expeditions

aaron de la cruz, thinkspace, dabs myla, marvelous expeditions, culver, art, los angeles, group show, juxtapoz

Speaking of Aaron De La Cruz, he’ll be contributing to the Dabs Myla & Friends Marvelous Expeditions group show at Thinkspace in Culver City this Saturday, alongside an impressive roster of artists. And with that show coming right up, Aaron recently interviewed the Australian art duo for Juxtapoz. Hit the Thinkspace link for a nice collection of sneak peek photos.

House Slant

house industries, slant, house slant, ken barber, free download, typeface, font, lettering

House Industries are currently offering a free download of their classic House Slant typeface, in exchange for a little bit of your contact information. Slant was developed by Ken Barber over 13 years ago…

Sweet Tooth

sweet tooth, art, show, bobby hundreds, benjie escobar, ducky, echo park, los angeles

Sweet Tooth is a group exhibit featuring a selection of dessert-themed art from some of America’s most talented contemporary artists and creatives. That includes C.Ann, Sophia Chang, Twinkie Chan, Robert Deleon, Eric Dressen, Ducky, Vernon Easingwood, Benjamin Escobar, Bean, Benny Gold, Bobby Hundreds, Old Man, Mo, Clark Orr, PJ Richardson, Sprkfr, Suedehead, Little Sweeties and Johnny Vampotna. There will also be an appropriately saccharine selection of snacks and beverages on hand. Opens at Backside boutique in Echo Park this Friday (8/31) at 8pm.

Eastern Philosophy

cryptik, book, zero+ publishing, eastern philosophy, buddha, ganesha, gandhi

I just got my hands on the new CRYPTIK: EASTERN PHILOSOPHY title from ZERO+ Publishing. I’m a big fan of CRYPTIK, so it’s no surprise that I’m really happy to have his first book. At 85 pages deep, the hardcover displays excellent documentation of the artist’s public art campaign with beautiful black & white and color images of his iconic brand of street art: Buddha faces, Buddha Palms, Ganesha, Gandhi, Sanskrit-inspired lettering, and mystical symbols. The Cryptik Movement aims to help humanity evolve to a higher awareness, and this book is more or less the best available program guide. It also features a foreword by Ethel Seno, who worked with Jeffrey Deitch on MOCA’s “Art in the Streets” exhibition. 10.25 x 7.75″ (25.4 x 19.1cm) [View Images]

The Home Office

anthony harrison, tony bones, the home office, the home office creative, numbers, lyrics

I’ve been enjoying Anthony Harrison’s InstaGram feed tremendously since discovering it recently. If you’re on InstaGram you should definitely check it out – thehomeoffice is his account name, just like his website. I love these happily illustrated numbers, which are paired with classic hip-hop lyrics, so I asked the esteemed Tony Bones if I could repost them here. If you’re interested in seeing more of his work, check out this interview I posted here a few years back, as well as the interview we did for The Hundreds Chronicles a little bit more recently. [See them all]

Plays Seven Inches

dj matthew africa, plays seven inches, mix, vinyl, funk, soul

Here’s a great funk & soul mix comprised of all 7-inch vinyl, as spun by the highly skilled DJ Matthew Africa. It’s about 46 songs for about an hour and a half’s worth of head nodding. They’re all original 7-inch releases too, no reissues, if that’s your sort of thing. Available both streaming and for download (as one big long mp3). Enjoy. EDIT: RIP Matthew Africa.

PrintIs.In T-world Interview

eddie zammit, t-world, founder, nicole reed, photographer, ashotaway

Here’s an interview by PrintIs.In with Eddie Zammit, the founder of T-world (the world’s only T-shirt journal). Aside from being a big fan, I’ve written for several issues of T-world, interviewing Jeffstaple, Greg at Mishka, Mr Cartoon, Estevan Oriol, Joshy D. from REBEL8, and many more streetwear bigshots. It’s been a pleasure to be involved with such a quality publication. I interviewed him for this site a while back too. This portrait is by the amazingly talented Nicole Reed.

Wipe Your Face

benjamin escobar, pizza bandana, pizza, bandana, wipe your face, benjie

The awesomely talented Benjie Escobar has just killed the bandana game with this pizza-themed masterpiece. The 100% cotton Pizza Bandana comes in lovely packaging, which reminds you to “Wipe your face, you look silly.” Always good advice, that. Cop them here, fresh out of the oven.