Art Cars

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Here’s a pretty in-depth look at all (almost all?) of the BMW art cars – from 1975 through to the present. It’s essentially the Cliff’s Notes for a dissertation on the subject by Henry Catchpole. Via FRESHNGOOD. [Watch Video]

iQ Test

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Complex recently posted a feature on the latest series of art cars from Scion. The artists participating in this round of car customization includes ALIIGN, David Choe, Gluekit, Melvins, French, Cody Hudson, Mishka, Josh Graham, Dust La Rock and Andrew Schoultz. And they’re working on the latest model from Scion – the super compact iQ.

Brooklyn Bound

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Brooklyn Bound Magazine is an incredible-looking new publication from my favorite borough. It offers “A New Take on the New American City” by investigating the heart and soul of the city, the people pushing it forward, and looking at where it can be tomorrow. The new effort comes from an all-star lineup including Founding Editor Benjamin Meadows-Ingram, who had already made a name for himself as an excellent music journalist when I first met him about a decade ago; Jeff Staple, arguably one of the best magazine layout designers in the game handles Creative Direction… [Read More]

Invading Space

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I discovered two things about Space Invader this week. First, there is a website called Invader Blog, dedicated to tracking all of his work. Interesting. And on said art-tracking blog, you’ll find some interesting evidence that a Space Invader piece recently made it to, well, space.