Hipster Branding

hipster branding, nasa, logo, minimal

Hipster Branding champions “holding a mirror to the artsy community.” Either way, if you’re in for an ironically cool remix on assorted (mostly) corporate logos, then this site is worth a look. The logos are all painfully hip, done in various hot styles of the moment, especially amongst gourmet pie shops and fixed- gear bike stores. Interesting linkage courtesy of Benjamin Escobar.

To Be Contino’d

jon contino, typography, lettering, hand, hand written, cxxvi, new york, type

If that video interview with Jon Contino I posted yesterday left you wanting more, you’re in luck. Almost like clockwork, Inspiration Hut have put together a pretty decent showcase of goodies pulled from the guy’s portfolio. I think my main introduction to his work was through his clothing label CXXVI, which is worth checking out too.

Jon Contino

jon contino, defringe, video, content, art, design, lettering, competition

The latest content from Defringe is this interview with talented NY-based artist/designer Jon Contino. I’ve been a fan of his work for a few years now, and in the video he talks about the importance of lettering, competition, and other fun stuff.


pnb, nation, down by law, streetwear, feature, interview, ltd magazine

For the relaunch of LTD Magazine, “Hawaii” Mike has put together an excellent two part feature on seminal NYC streetwear label PNB. The piece features comments from many of the founding members, including Bluster, Brue, West, and Zulu.

Sweet Teeth

sweet tooth, group show, art, los angeles, echo park, dessert, benjie escobar

Food website ACQTASTE have some really nice recap photos from the Sweet Tooth group show which opened about a week back now. Backside Boutique in Echo Park, which is where the art is on display, also have some coverage of the opening night.

Highly & Likely

highly & likely, portfolio, design, web, branding, logo, graphic design, ryan hayes

Speaking of talented friends doing cool stuff, check out the freshly updated Highly & Likely site. It’s a crispy clean portfolio of graphic design & branding, mostly for web and print. The logos are super tight, and anyone who gets to do Action Bronson covers gets a gold star in my book.

Dessert Eagle

benjamin escobar, benjie, benjie hundreds, art, dessert, sweet tooth, dessert eagle, eagle

“Dessert Eagle” was Benjamin Escobar‘s contribution to the recent Sweet Tooth group show at Backside Boutique in Echo Park. Aside from being the best-named dessert-themed art piece ever, the print is also currently available for purchase from Benjie’s online store. He just refreshed the site design too, so be sure to look around and make appreciative noises like “Oooh” and “Ahhhh.”