Stay Weird Forever

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My super talented friend Benjie Escobar has been designing up a storm lately. His new Stay Weird Forever website and stickers seem to be making a big splash, and gaining lots of traction. I’ve seen them all over the place, on and offline. Check them out. In all honestly, the likelihood of my not staying weird forever is probably quite low.

Al Moran Interview for ICL

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What’s the word? Hope you are having a fine Tuesday today. Here’s a link to an interview I just posted with Al Moran, co-founder of LA’s own OHWOW Gallery space, over on the Imprint Culture Lab blog. OHWOW encourages artistic innovation and it includes a gallery, publishing, special projects, and more, with locations in LA, NY, and Miami.

5 Records That Changed My Life

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Egotripland have this great series of features called “5 Records That Changed My Life” and the latest is with my former employer Jeff Staple. I just noticed you can listen to the songs while you read about their significance, which is a nice feature, and possibly one that has been there since day one.

Theo Ehret at 722Figueroa

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Last Thursday, I went to a great opening event for the current Theo Ehret: The Grand Olympic exhibit at 722Figueroa. Ehret was the house photographer at the Olympic Auditorium from 1965-1985, and built an amazing portfolio of compelling sports photography. The exhibit runs through the end of this month, from 2pm-5pm by appointment only. Check some of Ehret’s great work from the show here, courtesy of the guys at 722. And there’s a great video too. [View Photos & Video]

All Seeing

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Thanksgiving is about celebrating family by sharing a meal (I think) and what better meal to share than pizza? Great new stickers from Benjamin Escobar.