Signs and Symbols

cryptik, art, los angeles, moah, lancaster, installation, signs and symbols

The Museum of Art & History in Lancaster, CA is opening what looks to be an impressive group exhibition today, called Signs and Symbols: From Street Art to High Art. Contributors include Shepard Fairey, Banksy, Barry McGee, Heretic, Keith Haring, Cryptik, David P. Flores, and Robbie Conal. Cryptik was invited to do a site specific installation, and will be unveiling the two-story mural later today.

Seasonal Changes

seasonal changes, giant robot, art, group, exhibition, sawtelle, los angeles

The good people at Giant Robot are opening a new group exhibition called Seasonal Changes at their GR2 gallery space on Sawtelle tomorrow. The contributing artists are Hellen Jo, Jen Corace, Deth P. Sun, and Gosha Levochkin. Doors open at 6:30pm.

House Photolettering App

house industries, photoloettering, photo, lettering, app, typo-graphical

The type gurus at House Industries have just released a new Photolettering iPhone app for free. It allows you to take or import photos and then add nice typography from the House catalog to it. The catch is you only get access to 3 fonts for free, and there are many more available for 99cents a pop. Looks like we’re about to start seeing better type all over Instagram…Now available in the iTunes store.

New Young Jerks!

dan cassaro, young jerks, new site, typography, design, illustration

The talented designer, illustrator, and typographer Dan Cassaro (who I interviewed several years back) has recently updated his studio website, adding in tons of great work for a wide variety of clients like Carhartt, Marvel, Time Out NY, Land’s End, and Good Magazine. And don’t miss his State Mottos Project and the Highway Typeface. Amazing stuff. Via Design Work Life.


ludwig, mike dytri, print, art, ludwigvantheman, typographical

I think, somewhere in the flurry of amazing LUDWIG shoes, hats, tees, and sweats that have been released lately, I completely missed out on posting about Mike Dytri’s great giclee prints, such as this “DeLarge” print, which is signed, numbered, and comes on museum quality archival paper.

Paris, Line by Line

universe, rizzoli, robinson, paris, line by line, title, book, hardcover, typographical

Paris, Line by Line is a beautiful new title from Universe, which follows the success of Robinson’s previous 2009 re-release, New York, Line by Line. Both titles are actually reprinted vintage gems, originally published in the 1960’s; the result of German artist Robinson’s travel-inspired art. Born Werner Kruse, Robinson was best known for his signature pen & ink style, on full display in this excellent hardcover… [Read More / View Photos]