The Artist by Jeff Soto

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This is kind of meta. A print called “The Artist” by Jeff Soto, the artist. So, a self-portrait of sorts, arguably, although I don’t see the resemblance, personally. I can speak from personal experience when I say if you don’t invest in one of your very own, you will regret it eventually. Lands at Prints on Wood this Thursday at noon.

Yue Wu

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I got to meet Yue Wu while out in Hawaii for POW WOW 2013. He noticed my Becomb watch and mentioned that he’d worked with Levi Maestro too. Small world. Jeff Hamada just posted this fun video about Yue and his great work over on Booooooom. [Watch Video]

DABS MYLA Double Feature

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Here’s a video from LRG about talented Australian artist couple DabsMyla who have relocated to Los Angeles. I’ve been...

The Catalytic Nature of Art

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I got to meet Hawaii-based artist Kamea Hadar during POW WOW 2013. He’s actually the Lead Director of the event and he and his family built the incredible Utopium house which houses the artists for the duration each year. Listen to Kamea describe how Pow Wow came together with Jasper Wong and the help of local entrepreneurs like Tiffany Tanaka of Fresh Cafe. Lots of insight about a really great event to be absorbed here. Via TEDxMaui. [Watch Video]


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I went to check out the current Takashi Murakami exhibit ARHAT at Blum & Poe in Culver City yesterday. It pretty much blew all of Murakami’s previous work I’d seen completely out of the water. I thought it was incredible. I really enjoyed the fascinating mixture of Buddhist, Shinto, and Taoist iconography, the Hayao Miyazaki references, the bright colors, the overall abundance of detail, and his hilarious self portraits. The main room contained three huge paintings, which had enough detail that I could have spent twice as long staring at them, and still not seen everything. [View Photos]

Gary Baseman – The Door Is Always Open

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The Skirball Center here in LA is currently showing Angeleno artist Gary Baseman’s first major retrospective, and this excellent new catalogue from Skira Rizzoli, under the same title, accompanies that exhibition beautifully. I’ve been a fan of Baseman’s work for ages, and it all came full circle when I was lucky enough to invade his studio with Bobby Hundreds a couple of years back. It was an incredible opportunity to delve into the complicated universe which Baseman’s art explores, and so is this impressive hardcover. [Read More / View Photos]

Ian Kuali’i Interview

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I just got to interview talented artist Ian Kuali’i for Imprint Culture Lab. I met Ian when I was out in Hawaii for POW WOW 2013 recently and got to see some of his work in person. He’s incredibly creative and he’s been working with some very well-respected names like Doze Green, WK Interact, and Ron English too. Check out the interview to learn about his work and what drives him. And as Ian mentions in the interview, he has a series of one-of-a-kind vintage spray cans with hand cut stencils available at 1xRUN as of today.