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This is almost definitely my four millionth post about POW WOW. What can I say? I’m a huge fan of everything Jasper Wong and all the talented contributors are doing in Hawaii. I posted about their updated website, which is well worth a look, and now you can invest in POW WOW goodies (and just as importantly, support the effort by voting with your bucks) at the POW WOW Shop too. I’m already daydreaming about going back next year.


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Soul With A Hole Vol. 1 is a classic soul mix by falsetto crooner Mayer Hawthorne, with, you guessed it, plenty of falsetto thrown in. Available both streaming and for download. Via Whudat.

Upping Your Type Game

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Here’s a really thorough but mercifully easy-to-digest introduction to typography called Upping Your Type Game, courtesy of master typographer Jessica Hische. It’s the blog post version of a speech she gave at an event called An Event Apart in San Francisco. Via Booooooom.

X Factor

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Speaking of car stuff, Light Regions, which is Michael R. Dueñas (interviewed) and Ryan Correll, recently produced & edited this Audi spot. Bill Bennet was the cinematographer, and it was shot with the Arri Alexa infrared camera. [Watch Video]

Waze a Ton

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Yesterday I posted about the free Waze smartphone GPS navigation app over on the Imprint Culture Lab website. It’s a great app; if you commute by car, it’s definitely worth a look in my opinion.

Work In Progress

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Here’s the first of several videos which are the byproduct of our recent Imprint Culture Lab creative conference entitled Long Beach Work In Progress. The video was shot by the very talented Ben Clark, whose work you should definitely check out. Stay tuned for more video footage from the successful event in the next few weeks.

Alphabet Soup

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This week Friday, Plaza De La Raza/Boathouse Gallery opens up a new group exhibition titled Alphabet Soup, featuring work...

Casa Indio

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This weekend marks the kickoff for Casa Indio, a roving international series of art & music events presented by Indio Beer and VICE. The events will visit Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin, and San Francisco throughout the course of the year. The events are 21+ and you can sign up for them in advance.


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MULTIPLE SIGNATURES is a fascinating new exploration of graphic design today, courtesy of Michael Rock, co-founder of the famous 2 x 4 agency, known for their creative work for giant brands such as Chanel, Harvard, MoMA, Nike, Prada, and Procter & Gamble. The hefty paperback is just out from the good people at Rizzoli. [Read More]