Levi & Jeff

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Yesterday, Imprint Culture Lab hosted an inspiring talk at Art Theatre of Long Beach, starring two creative powerhouses, two of the most successful gents I’ve had the pleasure of working for/with/alongside. The event was called #IMPRINTPRESENTS @LEVIMAESTRO, and it was a 1.5hr-long look at how Levi has built his own brand as a self-made, self-taught brand in videography, including a look at the videos which broke his career, his shifting goals, where he’s at now, and what he’s learned along the way. Jeff Staple moderated the talk, offering his own insights into Levi’s achievements. It was a great event, which I really enjoyed helping to produce. Our friends at Imprint’s sister company interTrend Communications posted about it on their blog. I hope you can make it to the next one.

The Gaslamp Killer

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If you’re up on your LA music scene news, you might have heard the terrible news that DJ/Producer GLK suffered a severe scooter accident a few weeks ago, and is lucky to be alive. Way back in my DG days, I used to bump into him from time to time. Until now I hadn’t really reflected on just how far he’d come in his career, it’s really impressive. This is a snapshot of where he was at before the accident via CRYPTIK. Get well soon GLK. [Watch Video]

Slow Culture / Rick Rodney Opening

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Fred Guerrero and his brother Max (The Oinkster, Maximiliano, Little Bear) are starting an exciting new project in the Highland Park neighborhood – they’ve taken over the space formerly known as THIS Gallery, have put tons of elbow grease into it, and next week it’ll open as Slow Culture! Impressive stuff from two gents who’ve already made a mark on the LA food game. The first show will feature the work of LA-based photographer Rick Rodney. I interviewed Fred for Imprint Culture Lab a few months back.

T-Files 040: Erik Otto

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Erik Otto is a gifted SF/Bay Area-based artist with over a decade of creative work under his belt. His portfolio includes an impressive roster of group shows and solo exhibitions at art galleries around the country, around the continent, and around the globe. The list of clients for his commissioned work includes major heavyweights like Microsoft and Red Bull, as well as universities, architectural firms, cutting-edge record stores, and even the American Red Cross. Similarly, his work defies easy categorization, deftly spanning an overwhelming range of (mixed) media and disciplines, including found objects. [Read More]

Rob Myers Interview

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A few years back, I was lucky enough to interview Rob Myers for The Hundreds Chronicles. Switch and I jumped in the car, headed down to Laguna Beach, and spent some time talking to Rob and his great team, who’d just launched the SLVDR brand. Even then, SLVDR had a unique position – quality design and construction, not priced into the atmosphere. It was crisp and clean and original, all at once; the kind of gear I could aspire to graduating from streetwear for. The Hundreds have taken the interview down, unfortunately. Recently, I caught up with Rob again, for an interview for Imprint Culture Lab. The brand has come a long way, both literally and figuratively, having expanded manyfold, and relocated to Santa Ana too.