Sweet Reggae T-Shirts

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I figured I should probably plug my own T-Shirt side-project here…which is a roundabout way of saying we’ve restocked several of the Selector best sellers from 2012 in the Selector Shop. The restocked graphics include “Downtown Top Ranking” (by Tony “The Home Officer” Bones/Harrison), “Jah Bless” (by Benjie Escobar), “Sweet Reggae” (also by Benjie), and the trusty “Signature Logo” tee too (yours truly). You can get 30% Off tees with promo code: TYPO30. Thanks for bearing with me, now we’ll resume our regularly scheduled programming.

Duckshots Slow Culture

desiree garcia, ducky, duckshots, photography, rick rodney, slow culture

The fam and I had a blast at the Slow Culture opening for LA-based photographer Rick Rodney last Friday. The gallery space build-out looked absolutely amazing and an impressive crowd turned up to celebrate his work and the inaugural opening at the new gallery in Highland Park. Desiree Garcia was there, with camera in hand, so you can get a good idea as to what the space looks like.

Volcanic Premiums

knockaround, volcanic, premium, sunglasses, limited edition

I ordered a pair of these Knockaround LE Volcanic Premiums last week, and they arrived right in time for the weekend, complete with an awesome felt glasses bag, a rad matching logo sticker, a card with the edition number on it, and last but not least, Pop Rocks. This San Diego-based company is doing big things, you might want to keep an eye on them (mind the pun, sorry).

Bansky: Street Artist, Angel

banksy, twbe

If you’re sour on street art in general, or Banksy in particular, this article from The Independent might change your perspective. “The water tank, the Banksy prank, and the later life of the homeless ‘elephant man’ Tachowa Covington” tells the tale of the unfortunate result when the legendary, controversial British artist painted “This Looks A Bit Like An Elephant” on the side of an old tanker off PCH back in 2011. I remember seeing it at the time. Turns out a man was living inside the tank until some art dealer types bought it and took it away to sell it. Banksy ended up putting the guy in a new apartment. Via TWBE.

Ian Strange

ian strange, kid zoom, art, artist, ngv, melbourne

Over the last few years I’ve become a huge fan of the work of Australian artist Ian Strange aka Kid Zoom. Eddie from T-World told me to check out his art, and there’s actually quite a lot of it up on walls around LA, luckily enough. This video Suburban is about his latest body of work, which unveiled at the National Gallery of Victoria, in Melbourne, about a week back. Looks amazing. Via Booooooom.