Break Bread – Patrick Martinez

break bread, patrick martinez, tapatio market

I was in Japan last week, for the recent Architecture for Dogs opening there. No complaints here, but one downside was that I missed the awesome one day Break Bread installation which Angeleno artist Patrick Martinez exhibited at El Tapatio Market in Bell Gardens (a city located between LA and Long Beach). Luckily, LA TACO have great coverage of Patrick’s amazing work inside the grocery store.

POW! WOW! Tees!

pow! wow!, 2014, tee

It finally feels like winter’s coming to LA, and I’m already thinking about whether I’ll be able to get to Hawaii early next year for POW! WOW! 2014…and in preparation for what is surely going to be another amazing summit of talented creatives, the POW! WOW! crew have just put out the new men’s and women’s tees, in a nice minty green print color. Stoked.

CRYPTIK x HutchLA Pop-Up Art

cryptik, hutchla, pop-up, art

I’m not sure how long this amazing work from the CRYPTIK Pop-Up at HutchLA is going to be available online at HutchLA so all I can say is don’t sleep. If you couldn’t make it over to the retail/art space in Verdugo Village to check out the exhibition in person, this is your best bet for coming up on some amazing CRYPTIK work!

Acclaim x Skulls Interview

skulls, acclaim

The good people at Australian magazine ACCLAIM recently interviewed my talented and industrious buddy Ivan Jimenez of Skulls Intl. Just like ACCLAIM said, Ivan has had an impressive career, and deserves a lot of credit for creating some of the most eye-catching 5-panel caps you’ll see anywhere. Ivan works harder than most people I know and he really respects his customers too. A lot of brands have jumped on his brandwagon and are biting his style shamelessly, so it’s great to see him credited for his work.

Slow Culture Jay Howell Interview

slow culture, jay howell, except my love

In preparation for the Jay Howell opening Except My Love at Slow Culture this evening, the Highland Park gallery have posted an interesting interview with the Cali-based artist, called 5 Questions W/ Jay Howell. It’s a great way to find out a little more about this talented artist, inspirations behind his pieces in the show, and also about his Nickelodeon cartoon Sanjay & Craig.


Last week Imprint Culture Lab hosted compelling Angeleno artist David Choe at the National Center for the Preservation of Democracy in Little Tokyo, LA. It was pretty incredible, honestly. It was shocking and entertaining and intense and inspiring, all at once. The #IMPRINTPRESENTS talk series initially launched with LA-based videographer and VJ Levi Maestro earlier this year. The video reel from that talk is just out, so now everyone who couldn’t join us in LB can get a feel for what went down, by simply clicking play. It’s several highlights from an hour-long talk, edited down to about 9min.[Watch Video]

Planet Rock

planet rock, mix, chuck wild,

If you’re looking for a funky soundtrack to liven up your cubicle/commute/crib today, you needn’t look any further than this new Planet Rock mix, just out from DJs Chuck Wild and Canyon Cody, in celebration of a year of weekly Saturday night party-rocking at The Virgil on Santa Monica Blvd. Just like the art says, it touches upon classics, hip-hop, funk, indie, disco, house, reggae, Latin, and global bass. Check out their Facebook page for more info on the party.

Light Regions

light regions, tyler the creator, ofwgkta, odd future,

Earlier this year, I interviewed talented LA-based photographer Michael R. DueƱas for this site. If you’re interested in seeing more of his work, check out the new Light Regions website, in partnership with Ryan Correll. It serves as a collective portfolio for their professional photography and production, including videography for the likes of Audi, Nike, and Red Bull. Great to see these two guys continue to push it forward!

Except My Love

slow culture, jay howell, except my love

The good people at Slow Culture gallery in Highland Park have an excellent art opening coming up this week Friday (the 25th), featuring the work of popular Californian artist Jay Howell. The exhibition will feature 24 new mixed media works and sculptures by Jay, along with products from his collaborative collection with The Hundreds. If you can’t make it, I hope you have a good excuse, but at least you can check out some of Slow Culture’s great offerings online.

HutchLA ESPN Vid

So good to see the homie Grizz get some well-deserved shine for all the hard work he’s put into HutchLA, his amazing retail/art space in Glassell Park, in Northeast Los Angeles. A ton of work has gone into the space, and it really shows. It’s only recently opened, and if you haven’t had the chance to make it over there, stay tuned for upcoming events and don’t forget they run a great online store too, with tons of exclusive offerings. He was recently featured on the ESPN site. [Watch Video]