Monster Rally x Passion of the Weiss

passion of the weiss, monster rally, mix

I know I’ve said it before, but Passion of the Weiss is really the only music blog I read these days. So when they posted this lovely eclectic mix recently, I had to give it a listen. Pretty awesome selection, classing mixing, no trainwrecks, no major surprises there. Well worth sharing? Check. You can visit the Passion of the Weiss site for in-depth notes on the track selection, and you can stream and/or download via the Soundcloud page. Enjoy.

It’s Never Too Late

dallas clayton, book, putnam, never too late, kids book for adults

“Don’t grow up, it’s a trap!” is a popular meme on Tumblr these days. And while it’s sadly ironic, it’s also true. I recently heard that if you ask a class of kindergarten children if they’re artists, they’ll all say yes. If you ask a class of 2nd graders the same question, less than half will say yes. Somewhere along the way, we forget how to reach for the sky. We get bogged down with self-doubt and the other sometimes depressing realities of life, instead. Enter Dallas Clayton, a man on a mission to rectify this global problem! Already well known for his children’s books like An Awesome Book! and An Awesome Book of Love, this time he’s set out to write “A kid’s book for adults,” and that’s exactly what he’s done with It’s Never Too Late. [Read More / View Images]

Artcrank-LA Opening

artcrank, party, los angeles, poster, art, artist, print

ARTCRANK is a poster party for bike-lovers, which first started in Minnesota in 2007. This Saturday, November 9th, ARTCRANK-LA will take place at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood. Admission is free and the event will feature limited edition poster prints for $40 from the 30 contributing LA-based artists, who include Amy de Leon, Eyeone, Marco Zamora, SEIZER-ONE, and many more. Take a look at the video and some previews of the limited edition posters. More details on their FB page too. [View Video / See Photos]

Class Acts

knockaround, nacho, sunglasses, limited edition, art education, school, fundraiser, limited edition

The good people at San Diego-based sunglasses brand Knockaround truly are class acts. Now you can join in supporting them for a great cause – raising money for art education in schools – by investing in a very special limited edition run of Nacho Sunglasses, which were designed by Vanessa, a 5th grader. If you recall the Knockaround Limited Edition Shark Attack sunglasses you’ll recognize this effort as a repeat of that successful campaign, except this time Knockaround are running everything via Indiegogo. You can even invest at the Spicy Nacho level and get a re-issue of the Shark Attacks! But best of all? You can tell everyone, “Those are NACHO sunglasses!”

A Day Away

kristofferson san pablo, opening, slow culture, gallery, art, los angeles

Slow Culture are back with another great-looking opening, right on the tail of their successful exhibition of work by Jay Howell, in conjunction with The Hundreds. This week Friday, they’ll unveil a selection of work by LA-based artist Kristofferson San Pablo, who has an idiosyncratic style blending fine art techniques with contemporary pop culture references. 7-10pm. See you there.

Except My Love Recap

jay howell, the hundreds, slow culture

I couldn’t make it to the recent Jay Howell opening at Slow Culture gallery in Highland Park, on account of being on the opposite side of the Pacific and all. Luckily, The Hundreds were on hand to document the shenanigans. It’s only fitting when you consider the exhibition showcased art from the Jay Howell x The Hundreds capsule collection, and the gear from said collection was also on hand. Word on the street is, this was one of Slow Culture’s best openings yet. Onward and upward, gents!