T-Files 044: Friends of Type

Friends of Type is an incredibly visually-arresting website dedicated to “original typographic design and lettering,” maintained and operated by four creatively gifted friends: Aaron Car├ímbula, Erik Marinovich, Dennis Payongayong, and Jason Wong. Together, they create and post a majority of the featured work, along with some occasional guest contributors. What started out as a bit of a joke between friends has become one of the best outlets for creative lettering around. [Read More]


This amazing new Avalokiteshvara framed print from LA’s own CRYPTIK is being released on art retail site 1xRUN right about…now. The signed, numbered, and framed edition of 75 is a 24″ x 24″ 7-Color metallic ink screen print on 250gsm Black Arches fine art paper. Check out the whole POW! WOW! 2015 print series on 1xRUN here.


Esoteric Alphabet

This new print from LA-based artist Alex Kizu, aka Defer, is part of the 3rd Annual POW! WOW! Hawaii Print Exhibition available in conjunction with art retailer 1xRUN. Looks like the signed, numbered edition of 50 sold out in less than 12hrs, as did the three other offerings from Defer which were released yesterday! Check out the whole series here. Stay tuned for a great CRYPTIK print which drops later today.


Positive Feelings

I enjoyed watching the ads during the Super Bowl while flying home from Boston yesterday, and reading everyone’s comments on Twitter at the same time (thanks, Fly-Fi). I missed a of few the most popular ones, which I hope to catch up on today, but this gem from Loctite really stood out for me. Fun is underrated, sometimes, and a lot of the ads were a bit heavy. Adweek and FastCompany have both published their top 5 lists which are worth checking out.


This is the latest video from British singer Hollie Cook, in a modern spin on the Lover’s Rock genre of reggae. Her singing is incredible, and the production is amazingly lush and complex. Plus, it was shot here in LA. Enjoy.