POW! WOW! Long Beach Fort Knocks

Wow, what a crazy week it was last week! I got consumed by POW! WOW! Long Beach – everything else fell to the wayside, including regular meals and blogging here. So I’m overdue to post these eye-catching Knockaround x POW! WOW! Long Beach Fort Knocks, which have sold out over at Knockaround and are currently exclusively available via the POW! WOW! Hawaii online store. They come with a special set of playing cards which commemorates the blank walls of LB.


Vitality and Verve

An amazing group show opens at LBMA this evening – Vitality and Verve: Transforming the Urban Landscape, includes Audrey Kawasaki, Brandon Shigeta, Brendan Monroe, Craola, CRYPTIK, Tristan Eaton, MEGGS, Nosego, Nychos, Saber, and so much more artistic talent, it’s expected to be one of their biggest openings ever. It was also organized in parallel with POW! WOW! Long Beach and serves as something of an amazing indoor counterpoint to all the murals that are happening on the streets of Long Beach this week. I’ve had a few sneak peeks in there and it’s absolutely incredible.


PWLB / Dinner & a Mixtape

Today is the beginning of POW! WOW! Long Beach, and the first event of the week is a unique dining and audio experience crafted by DJ Neil Armstrong. Part of a series of his, it includes a special audio mix (which attendees get to download) and a special one-time-only menu to match. Going down at the incredible Federal Bar Long Beach this evening! Just one seating, and it starts at 7pm.Seats are limited and RSVP is required. Find out about the rest of the week’s events here.


Wasted Youth

The Low Bros (brothers Christoph and Florin Schmidt) are two amazing post-graffiti artists from Hamburg, based in Berlin. Wasted Youth is their first LA solo exhibition and it opens at Thinkspace Gallery this Saturday. I’ve just posted an interview with them at the Imprint Culture Lab site if you’re interested in learning more about them and their work.



LA-based artist Benjie Escobar introduces a new body of work at The Seventh Letter flagship store and gallery in the Fairfax district tonight! The opening event includes the release of a limited edition The Seventh Letter T-shirt designed by Benjie, with the back room curated by local film photographers the Camera Creeps



The Passport is the the guide to all things POW! WOW! Long Beach. The paper booklet is now available in a slew of locations around LB, including boutiques and coffee shops. You’ll also be able to grab one at the POW! WOW! Long Beach Pop-Up shop when that opens next week. In the meantime it’s also available online as a PDF. Enjoy.


Heavy Dreamers

HEAVY DREAMERS is a collaborative film by Booooooom and WeTransfer, which investigates creative motivations, and was shot during POW! WOW! Hawaii 2015. The short film stars some absolutely amazing artists including: James Jean, Kevin Lyons, Hot Tea, Nosego, Tatiana Suarez, and more. If this doesn’t get you super excited about POW! WOW! Long Beach, I don’t know what will! Check out the full movie: