Never Die

I don’t know much…about this song, except 1) it’s got Mos Def on it 2) the other guy sounds a little bit like Andre 3000 3) I really like it a lot. Digging the soulful hammond vibes. Via Passion of the Weiss.

Type Nite NYC

If you’re interested in type and you’re lucky enough to be in or around NYC this week, check out this Type Nite NYC event at Strand Books on Thursday evening. The all-star line-up includes accomplished typeface designer Tobias Frere-Jones, book designer Peter Mendelsund, and Pentagram partner Abbott Miller. The talk will be moderated by Ellen Lupton, co-author of Graphic Design: The New Basics, 2nd Edition and many other great design titles, several of which I’ve reviewed here. If you’re not in NYC you can still order a signed copy of the latest edition of Graphic Design: The New Basics. Hit the link for more details.

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Shop: Benjie Guest Glider tee

When respected San Francisco-based label Benny Gold collaborated with my friend (and talented artist) Benjie Escobar for one of their iconic Guest Glider tees, I had to get some for the shop. Plus, pizza! Features a cheesy, pepperoni-laced, “BG x Benjie” print at the front, and a larger pizza-style glider graphic across the back, along with “Hot & Ready,” and “Air Delivery 1-800-JERKS.” Woven glider logo label on the left sleeve.