Wooden Wave interview

During POW! WOW! Long Beach, earlier this year, I was lucky enough to meet Hawaiian artist couple Matt & Roxy Ortiz, a/k/a Wooden Wave. The three-time-POW! WOW!-alumni were passing through LB on a summer road trip and stopped to help spread the aloha spirit while in SoCal. Yesterday I posted a new interview with them both over on the Imprint Culture Lab website for their 8 Questions interview series. Check it out!


A Decade of Knocks 2

Here’s the second of 5 new videos from San Diego-based sunglasses brand Knockaround, celebrating their 10 year anniversary – this one gives a nice shout out to the Imprint team for their involvement in the company’s impressive growth.

Coming Home

I just picked up the new Leon Bridges LP Coming Home and I’m really digging it. Admittedly, I’m a real sucker for this ole R&B sound, and Leon does it amazingly well.


A dear old friend of mine was involved in developing this interesting new app called Brapp which is something like Instagram, for sharing beats & songs. You can follow producers & musicians, upload & share your own beats, or record video of yourself singing on other peoples’ beats and share that too. There are some prominent UK musicians involved in the project so you will notice quite a lot of sounds from across the pond on the platform, which are fun to explore.



Considering it’s just about the coolest project I’ve ever worked on (in my opinion, anyway) I had to include the POW! WOW! Long Beach logo tee in the mix here. Not only is this a great-looking T-shirt, it reps Long Beach, one of the best cities in the universe, and furthermore, it’s an excellent way to support the whole POW! WOW! movement. Also available as a women’s logo tee!


Save Music in Chinatown 7

I’ve tried my best to help spread the word on this great series of fundraiser matinee concerts which benefit the music education program at Castelar Elementary School in Chinatown, Los Angeles. These concerts are organized by my fellow Imprint-er Martin Wong and his wife Wendy Lau. All the ones I’ve attended have been absolutely awesome, family-friendly, and usually, very loud experiences. Plus, awesome raffle prizes for the attendees. Tickets and much more info here.


Moksha Scroll

LA-based artist CRYPTIK is dropping a new print in linen scroll format today too. “‘MOKSHA’ is the Sanskrit word for liberation, salvation or release and is a central concept in Hindu traditions, but can also be found in Jainism & Buddhism as well. It represents freedom from Saṃsāra, the cycle of death and rebirth, gaining liberation from the bondage of karma. It also refers to a state of self-realization / self-knowledge and is considered to be one of the supreme goals of human life amongst Hindus.”


A Decade of Knocks

Knockaround is my favorite sunglasses brand. This is because a) they are awesome people, b) they make rad sunglasses, and c) their sunglasses are very reasonably priced. The creative company is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year, and they’re releasing 5 videos for the occasion – across this month and next. This is the first of the series, dubbed “Beginnings – Video 1 of 5.” Enjoy!!