Creatives Supporting Creatives

I met Michael Seiler at the first clothing trade show I ever attended, a million years ago in Las Vegas. These days he’s fundraising for his newest project – WeProduce – a production technology for producing your own custom T-shirt brand, without any up front costs, order minimums, shipping costs, or inventory. Can it all be so simple? Yes, it really can be that easy, folks. Check out his Kickstarter for more.


It’s Over

I think this is the second song I’ve posted from Golden Rules lately. The duo is made up of UK producer Paul White, and Floridian singer/emcee Eric Biddines, and I definitely dig what they are putting out so far. Via 2dopeboyz.

Pigment Tokyo

On our first day here in Tokyo for POW! WOW! Japan, talented photographers Brandon Shigeta, Mark Kushimi, and I explored an incredible shop on Tennozu Isle called Pigment Tokyo – funny considering we are here to help paint the town. The visually stunning retail shop specializes in traditional Japanese and Asian brushes, inks, and paper. They also stock 4200 colors of custom pigment, arrayed in an amazing fashion, along one wall, creating a full spectrum of colors to choose from. The staff were exceedingly nice – happy to let us snap photos and ask questions about the lovely products. [Read More]


Here’s a great new video from Highsnobiety, on the awesome Aaron De La Cruz installation for POW! WOW! Long Beach earlier this year. I’m so stoked we were able to bring Aaron back to LB for some of his public art – he’s such a great guy and I’m a huge fan of his work – it was a real highlight for me…

Perfect Circle

Here’s a new one from Shing02 – “Perfect Circle” by Nujabes, featuring Shing02. Mellow rhymes over a jazzy beat by producer & entrepreneur Nujabes, who passed away in 2010. Check out my recent-ish interview with the bi-lingual emcee for Imprint Culture Lab for more on him and his music.

Before and Further

There’s a great-looking event going down at the Modernica Factory located at 2901 Saco Street in Vernon today. Artist duo DABS MYLA open their ‘Before and Further’ exhibition, a 4,000 square foot installation takeover of a workplace building, located on the Modernica property. They have transformed it with their newest paintings, sculptures, installations and exclusive furnishings from limited-edition fiberglass shell chairs and hand painted ceramics, to custom-built lighting installations. The public reception is today from noon to 7PM and will be hosted by Andrew & Shawn Hosner of Thinkspace fame.