MDV Tweety Bird 8″ Figure

About two weeks back, while I was off in Taipei, LA-based artist Mark Dean Veca released a great 8″ figure in collaboration with toy brand/retailer Kidrobot. It’s part of Kidrobot’s series of artist interpretations of Looney Tunes characters. I’ve been interested in vinyl figures since visiting Michael Lau’s studio in HK back in the late 90’s, and it’s great to see a fresh new one these days. You can check out the original artwork the figure is based on too.


JP Edition Tucson Adventure Mobile

SoCal-based concept car designer & auto marketing expert John Pangilinan has recently unveiled his latest concept for Hyundai, the JP Edition Tucson Adventure Mobile. It looks absolutely incredible – check out the photo gallery below. I was lucky enough to have a quick Q&A with JP about this latest 4-wheeled project of his too. [See More]


Adrift if the name of an absolutely stunning new print from the ridiculously talented LA-based artist James Jean. It’s only available for 24hrs, which have already started – earlier this morning – so don’t dilly-dally! I’m going to guess it was not named after the PM Dawn song.


#IAMTALKS: Jeff Hamada

One of the highlights of spending two weeks in Tokyo for POW! WOW! Japan was the chance to catch up with my talented art blogger friend Jeff Hamada, who runs Booooooom – the most-visited art blog in the universe. He has a really unique way of thinking about creative work, and it’s always refreshing to chat with him. Check out this talk he gave recently for Barcelona-based Internet-as-culture company Internet Age Media, it’s great.

Ink and Flow

One of the highlights of POW! WOW! Japan for me personally was seeing Japanese artist Usugrow at work. I also blogged about his current exhibition Organic Contrast on display at Diesel Gallery in Harajuku. This video was playing at the exhibition so I was stoked to find it online this week. It really digs into his work, his tools, and the philosophy behind his work. Fascinating stuff from an incredible creative talent.

POW! WOW! Asia Tour Prints

POW! WOW! crew have teamed up with the good people at online print retailer 1xRun to drop timed-release prints from many of the participating artists in the events during POW! WOW! Japan and POW! WOW! Taiwan. So head over to 1xRun and check them all out! Some have already sold out.