One-Offs & One-Upsmanships

The latest from gifted underground Brooklyn emcee Tone Tank, who could care less if you like or do not like him. The release boasts some great production by Tone’s Modern Shark crew including Scott Thorough, Snafu, & J Howells Werthman. You can stream or download it from Bandcamp and it’s also available as a limited edition casette tape in Tone’s online store.

TSOTW: Duppy Conqueror

Please pardon the shameless side project pluggery. This week’s T-Shirt of the Week is the first long sleeve T-Shirt we’ve ever produced for Selector! It features an ’80s blockbuster-inspired Duppy Conqueror graphic down each sleeve. Available in the online shop.


Designed by Peter Saville

Among the volumes chosen for a recently published collection of 100 classic graphic design books of the past century, one relative newcomer stands out. Featuring a stark white cover and a pink belly band, Designed by Peter Saville (2003) is the first monograph on the legendary British designer. He’s best known for the iconic album covers he designed in the early ’70s and ’80s for Joy Division and New Order. Long out of print but available at New Metaphor Books, it’s a fitting tribute to one of the late 20th century’s most influential designers and an indispensable creative resource. Designer Christopher Wilson’s austere and restrained layout resonates with the quiet intensity of Saville’s best work, the first twenty-five years of which is presented here in detail. Critical essays and an in-depth interview explore Saville’s creative process and unconventional working methods, revealing his genius for turning radical design provocations—from brazen acts of art appropriation to mad mashups of Post Punk’s New Wave aesthetic with Jan Tschichold’s New Typography—into iconic images with an uncanny ability to capture the cultural moment.


Ancient Aliens

More heat from San Jose-based artist Sam Rodriguez, these are part of his ‘Ancient Aliens’ series. These 9″ x 9″ prints remix of some of his favorite Star Wars characters, with cues inspired by ancient Azteca hieroglyphics. Available as a set and individually in Sam’s online store.



Contemporary soul star Charles Bradley does a great cover of the Black Sabbath classic “Changes.” His raspy bark works surprisingly well in place of Ozzy, and the subtle arrangement doesn’t lose the power of the original either. His new LP is set to drop on April 1st, 2016.