Favorite Rapper’s Favorite Chef

The other day my wife and I went to check out the new Roy Choi spot in Watts, called Locol. If you live in LA you probably already know Roy Choi helms the city’s most sought-after food truck empire (Kogi BBQ), revitalized Chinatown with his Chego rice bowl spot, and more recently explored higher-end dining Pot and Commissary at the lovely Line hotel in Koreatown. Here’s Jeff Weiss’s review of Locol for LA Weekly. Watts is often referred to as a “food desert” with very few healthy options and little fresh food available. Locol aims to change that.


Painted Oceans

POW! WOW! Long Beach 2015 participating artist Tristan Eaton has just announced an impressive new project called Painted Oceans. His plan is to paint the famous Red Sands Sea Forts off the coast of England, alongside the artistic talents of Shepard Fairey, Futura 2000, How/Nosm, and The London Police. There’s also a current Kickstarter effort to raise $200K to document the whole project. Epic stuff!


Save Music in Chinatown 8

My buddy Martin Wong and his wife Wendy organize these incredible fundraiser concerts for their daughter’s school’s arts program. Aside from being for a great cause, the matinee concert series is absolutely awesome in its own right. Martin calls on his epic rolodex to line up LA punk rock legends and all sorts of other great musical stuff. Family-friendly, great raffle prizes, and lots of good loud fun (bring earplugs). It’s a deal, it’s a steal. The next one is going down Sunday, January 31st. Tickets available here.


Nuclear Mysticism

The good people at Passion of the Weiss (super well-respected LA-based music blog) said this was good. When it comes to finding great new music I trust them completely. This “Nuclear Mysticism” LP by Dr. Conspiracy is fuzzy trip hop (or whatever the kids call it these days) powered by dirty psyche rock breaks of the best kind. So, if you like Edan, GLK, or DJ Shadow, chances are, you’ll dig this too.

Jasper Wong x Microsoft

Super popular & well-respected art blog Supersonic Art have some incredible photos of the Jasper Wong mural in Long Beach, California from last year, created using the Microsoft Surface tablet. It was really fun to be on hand for this – another great addition to the LB public art landscape.