T-Files 048: MEGGS

I’m very pleased to present the latest T-Files interview with accomplished LA-based Australian artist MEGGS. He hails from Melbourne’s acclaimed Everfresh crew, along with talent like Reka, Rone, Wonderlust, and Prizm – some of the biggest names in Australian graffiti and street art. My friend Eddie Zammit schooled me on them, years ago. Having been lucky enough to meet Rone (interviewed) during POW! WOW! Hawaii 2013, I definitely tried to keep up with what they were doing in Melbourne. I remember when MEGGS relocated to the City of Angels – adding his unique street art to the cityscape, while pulling off an impressive fine art solo exhibition at Thinkspace. [Read More]

Gods II

Accomplished LA-based artist CRYPTIK has brought back the Gods II sticker pack, one last time. This edition of 200 packs includes 10 stickers – 6 of the Movement’s most iconic ‘GODS’: Buddha, Lord Shiva, Mahakala, the Bayon Buddha, Barong & Lord Ganesha in two sizes. 4 color silkscreen with gold foil. Go! Go! Go! #CRYPTIKMOVEMENT