Shazam for Fonts

You might have noticed I haven’t posted anything in a couple of days, as I’ve been so incredibly busy setting up for POW! WOW! LONG BEACH 2016 next week. Some artists have already begun painting their murals, which is exciting. You can follow that on Instagram if you want. In other news, this design prototype Spector, my buddy Jeff Hamada posted recently, really appeals to me. Apparently Wired called it “Shazam for fonts.” Via Booooooom.



I’m very excited we’re only a week out from the POW! WOW! LONG BEACH 2016 mural festival. Things are really ramping up this week. The website has been updated with more participating artists, events, and the digital version of the printed Passport booklet too. Photo: Brandon Shigeta.

edison marquee

Moving Type

Check out this amazing typographic public artwork by artist DAKU in New Delhi, India. The lettering changes throughout the day as the sun moves. Impressive! Via Booooooom where you can see more photos.