Take A Knee

Just about a year ago, I posted about NFL player Colin Kaepernick, who had been in the news for refusing to stand during the national anthem – as a protest against racial injustice in the United States. I rather smugly predicted it was going to do wonders for his career, naively thinking of sports legends with political clout, such as Mohammed Ali, and not thinking how long he suffered, fought, and struggled to achieve that status. So here we are, a year later, and the apparently very talented NFL player still doesn’t have a job. Taking a knee has been in the news again lately as more and more players take a knee during the anthem, all while more and more people seem to misunderstand what it’s all about. Even Trump has given the topic more Twitter attention than he’s given to the natural disaster in Puerto Rico – an island with 3 million people, no power, and no running water. #ImWithKap


Talented Vancouver-based creative Rhek has been sharing new selections of hip-hop and dancehall music in his Rapzips Tumblr project, for years now. Each edition includes a .zip folder download of new mp3s selected by Rhek. Recently, he’s added a series of Jazzzips too and they’re really great. Check out JAZZZIP.001 and JAZZZIP.002.

Kayaks On The Water

This might be a slight departure from the usual content here, but I’m posting it because I honestly think that an hour in a kayak in Alamitos Bay (near Belmont Shore & Naples Island, in beautiful Long Beach) is pretty much the best way you can spend $10 in Los Angeles County (not including pizza or tacos). My daughter and I are huge fans – we go about once a week throughout the summer. The combination of outdoors fun, cool water, and good exercise is kind of unbeatable. Please pardon the low res screen cap from my old GoPro – you get the idea. Check out Kayaks On The Water for more info, and their Yelp page is helpful too. You can even take your dog (but you’ll need to bring a suitable dog life jacket).

TSOTW: Everyting tee

For this week’s installment of T-Shirt of the Week, I’m rather shamelessly plugging my own brand, Selector, known for obscure reggae references done in nice type, according to some discerning friends anyway. We just dropped this new color of the popular Everyting tee for Fall/Autumn 2017. Also, on a related note, we are currently doing our Labor Day sale, wherein you can get all the stuffs, at 40% off the usual price of said stuffs. Check out the Selector online shop and use promo code LABORDAZE40. Enjoy. Or fulljoy, as the case may be.