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Yesterday’s Dogtown photo inspired me to hop on the bike this morning, and snap a few more pics around the neighborhood. Well, that, and the fact that I ate far too much pizza last night and really needed some exercise to even things out. Venice is easy to find – just hop on Venice Blvd and go west until you hit the ocean!

When you see the tsunami warning signs, you’re getting warm!

Venice, like much of LA, is pretty big on giant murals. They often have canals in them, for obvious reasons.

The MSK crew did this awesome wall near on Lincoln, near Rose, and you can see it’s inspired by the original Dogtown artwork. I’ve been meaning to snap this wall for ages. Unfortunately the sun wasn’t in the right place at the right time…

MSK aren’t the only ones getting up in Venice…you might see a lot of this too. 

The locals love this brand.

And this one too! Not a day goes by that I don’t see someone rocking Rogue Status here in Venice. They got the skaterboarders on lock…

Venice is overflowing with dichotomy. For example, you can have brunch at Axe on Abbot-Kinney, seated between two Oscar nominees, and then you walk around the corner and you’re in gang territory. And while living in Venice might be marginally more affordable than in upscale Santa Monica, just to the north, it’s not cheap, and it’s gentrifying at a dizzying pace. Ironically, a big chunk of the Venice population don’t pay any rent or property tax, choosing to live out of cars and vans like this one.

You are now leaving Venice. See ya next time!

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