A Funky New Tune With a Fly Banjo

Hey, remember when hip-hop didn’t suck? These songs were both on the very first CD I purchased for myself. It must have been my 12th or 13th birthday, and my parents got me a CD stereo component, and my grandparents got me a gift certificate at the ABC store, where I purchased the De La Soul Is Dead LP. I know purists prefer 3 Feet High & Rising, but this is always going to be my favorite De La effort. Like 3 Ft, the whole thing was produced by Prince Paul, and therefore it’s solid gold in my opinion. At the time, the only De La I’d only heard was “Ring Ring Ring Ha Ha Hey” (thanks to some radio airplay and video plays on Rage at about 6am) and I still can’t explain why I knew that was enough reason to invest in the entire album, but it definitely was. About a decade later I got to meet Prince Paul, and he turned out to be one of the nicest people on Earth.

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