Hello, and welcome to my website.

I live in Los Angeles, and I’ve mostly worked on creating and curating content for brands like: Mass Appeal, T-world (Australia), Vapors, Living Proof, Missbehave, Woofin’ (Japan), Staple Design, Digital Gravel, Foreign Family, Ludwig, The Hundreds, 530medialab, Red Bull, and for the last three years, Imprint. Also, check out my little reggae tee brand:¬†Selector!

This site is a mix of art, design, clothing, music, Los Angeles events, and other stuff I’m into.¬†There are also some original interviews (the T-Files). Follow me on Twitter, or Instagram if that’s your sort of thing.

I first started working in e-commerce back in 2003, and have handled almost every part of the game at one point or another over the years. I’ve long thought it would be fun to curate some art & design goods from my talented friends here. It’s also a good excuse to work with some of the people I’ve met via this website. Maybe there will be some products from projects I’m involved in too. Check them out here.