The fellas at Estate LA are having a big sale at their flagship spot on the west side of Lincoln here in Venice. Starts today and goes thru the weekend. I am a big fan of their hats…and lately they’ve been absolutely killing it.

EDIT: I was a good blogger today and actually followed through on this by dropping in at their store this afternoon. Here are some of the goodies you missed out on (unless you went too, in which case here are some of the goodies you saw):

I’m really stoked on the Rogue Status x Estate wool joint with the sherpa ear flap! RS is based here in Venice too. I also got a grey wool “Large Estate” with an orange brim, and the “Estate Classic” in orange & black. I have the all black Classic and it’s pretty much my been my favorite hat for a while now. Last but not least, I got a red mesh fitted that Estate produced for a dope new-ish Canadian brand called Raised By Wolves. Sale continues over the weekend…

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