All The Buildings In Paris

ALL THE BUILDINGS IN PARIS: That I’ve Drawn So Far is the latest book out from talented artist & illustrator James Gulliver Hancock, via Universe Publishing. If you loved his previous titles based on the buildings of London and NYC, you’ll no doubt enjoy this new hardcover too. If you’re into art/illustration, architecture, and travel, this is a real treat either way. James’ unique illustrations cover the city’s most famous buildings and landmarks (both historic, and modern) as well as some much lesser-known examples of local construction. And as much as I enjoy Hancock’s lively illustration work, his hand-lettering throughout the book is really nice too. I really love the little notes & interesting facts that Hancock includes with some of the illustrations – such as the note included on his sketches of several of the Hector Guimard art neaveau entrance designs for the Paris Metro (see below). The 7.5 inch x 9.75 inch title includes 64 pages of beautiful color illustrations. It’s quite a while since I’ve been to Paris but I’m pretty sure this is the next best thing to visiting in person, and it saves you several cramped hours on a plane, so there’s that.

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