Alto’s Adventure

Before a recent flight, I downloaded Alto’s Adventure: An endless snowboard odyssey, and ended up being glad I had. It’s sort of a side-scrolling racing platform game, although this one generally scrolls diagonally from the upper left to the lower right, as you glide down mountainsides. And there aren’t stages per se, just new tasks and challenges to achieve on potentially endless downhill rides. The ride is only over when you crash, essentially. The gameplay is interesting in how little you need to do control-wise to achieve the goals – its minimal there too. You can achieve many of the initial goals with a few well-timed jumps, but things do get more challenging. The equally sparse graphics are absolutely stunning in my opinion – Snowman have managed to create beautiful vistas with a deceptively simple animation style; a somewhat flat/2D stage in the foreground, and sweeping mountains that move slowly in the background. The weather & time of day continually changes which helps to keep things interesting visually too. Perhaps not surprisingly, it has received a ton of awards and accolades from the likes of Google, Wired, and The Verge. Currently available as a free download if you have a Kindle Fire HD.







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