And Another One

Wow. Brooklyn’s own Tony Tank Top (of Nukfam and Iller Than Theirs rap stardom fame) has produced another amazing “non-action figure,” hot on the heels of his runaway success, Beast Hombre. This one’s called “Non-Racist, Black Skinhead Panthro,” and, in Tone’s own words, “I always knew Panthro was a black man, but recently I was watching the ThunderCats as a grown-up, and it hit me that he was a Skinhead. He has the shaved head. He has the suspenders. He is a black Skinhead.” Based on this revelation, Tone says, “I decided a ‘Skinhead Panthro’ needed to exist, and I wanted one for myself, so I made 24 of them out of resin and vacuum plastic.” And in case you don’t believe in non-racist black skinheads, check out reggae legend Laurel Aitken, slaying your misconceptions with his raspy patois. Available here.

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