Ward off evil spirits with these two new limited edition prints by the talented homie CRYPTIK. Both are available in his online store as of this morning, and no doubt will both be sold out as of slightly later this morning. Act fast! #CRYPTIKMOVEMENT

Supreme Clientele

A fascinating and well-written article from GQ about skate brand Supreme – who just landed $500 million in investment, based on valuation at $1B. The kicker really says (or asks) it all, “A new investment pushes the skate brand into Warby Parker territory. But can a billion-dollar company still be cult-level cool?.”


Check out the latest mural in LA by San Jose-based artist Sam Rodriguez. Located at corner of Commonwealth Av. & 6th Street in Koreatown, it’s entitled “Xochitl” – the word for “flower” in the Nahuatl or “Aztec” language. Looking forward to checking this one out!

Pep Talks for Writers

Writing usually comes quite easily to me. I’m not pretending it’s always top shelf material, but something wordy usually just sorta flows out, most of the time. I think this is why I quite enjoy writing – whereas many people seem to hate it. Banging out a caption here, a Call To Action message there; it’s all so easy. But there have been some tough times too. Particularly when the rest of my life feels like a total mess, I’ve have experienced some times when I wanted to write more but struggled to do so. Full disclosure: I’ve always wanted to try writing a novel, but I’ve never been brave enough to take the plunge. I’ve told myself I don’t have enough time or loot put away to pull it off. But those are just excuses based on some kind of vague fear of failure. If you are also battling anxiety-driven enemies then Pep Talks for Writers: 52 Insights and Actions to Boost Your Creative Mojo by Grant Faulkner might be exactly what you are looking for. New out from Chronicle Books, Grant knows a thing or two about getting novels written – he’s the architect behind National Novel Writing Month a/k/a NaNoWriMo; when people all around the world make time for their first novel during the month of November. One day I aspire to be brave enough to try this. If you feel like you need a bit of direction or encouragement, Faulkner has gathered wisdom from gifted writers who overcame obstacles in order to get their writing out into the world. [See More]

TSOTW: Purgatory

Purgatory is one of my favorite local pizza spots on the East side of Los Angeles. They do by-the-slice, which is awesome, the quality is always on point, and the staff are super nice too. Each time I go in, I notice they have some pretty cool tees available. This is one of several winners – check out their online store.


I was sad to hear that the incredible soul singer Charles Bradley passed away about a week ago. Here’s a video of his cover of “Changes” by Ozzy Osbourne, of Black Sabbath fame. Check out all of his great music over at Daptone Records.

Take A Knee

Just about a year ago, I posted about NFL player Colin Kaepernick, who had been in the news for refusing to stand during the national anthem – as a protest against racial injustice in the United States. I rather smugly predicted it was going to do wonders for his career, naively thinking of sports legends with political clout, such as Mohammed Ali, and not thinking how long he suffered, fought, and struggled to achieve that status. So here we are, a year later, and the apparently very talented NFL player still doesn’t have a job. Taking a knee has been in the news again lately as more and more players take a knee during the anthem, all while more and more people seem to misunderstand what it’s all about. Even Trump has given the topic more Twitter attention than he’s given to the natural disaster in Puerto Rico – an island with 3 million people, no power, and no running water. #ImWithKap