Bigger than Jesus

This is two days old now, but I think the news that the Vatican forgave John Lennon for (in)famously saying he’s bigger than Jesus, which I think he arguably was at the time, is very interesting. As a gigantic Beatles fan, and a John Lennon fan in particular, I think the Vatican have probably made a smart move, even if they are playing God a little bit! LoL. Kinda makes you wonder what else rock stars can get away with… Incidentally, the international version of the BBC News site is just about the best mainstream news website on earth. I was born in the UK so maybe I’m impartial. On another tangent, watch BBC America if you get that on cable. It’s the best channel evah. I could watch Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares nonstop for the rest of my life, now that young Matt at DG has got me hooked on it! Via The Citrus Report.

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