Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas

I have just acquired a treasure trove of great new music from the Stones Throw family, and I’m going to post about some if it here over the next few days/weeks. I think my favorite of the bunch, off the bat, is Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas, on the Tropicalia In Furs/World Psychedelic Funk Classics imprint. I believe that is a division of Egon’s Now Again label, which is in turn, an offshoot from Stones Throw – one of the country’s finest independent record labels. I’m no music critic, but this is my favorite compilation of Brazilian music ever, hands down. Most of the tracks are from the late ’60s and early ’70s, have never been reissued, and boast beautiful vocals over fuzzy guitars, infectious grooves, and some excellent drumming. Not surprisingly, the packaging is totally mind-blowing, including a 48-page booklet with extensive liner notes in both English and Portuguese. And the CD is enhanced with a documentary called “What Are Fuzz Bananas?” which I haven’t gotten around to watching yet, because I’ve got the album on repeat as it is. For more info on the release, as well as a sample mp3, check out this news article on the Stones Throw site.

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