Fast and Furious

Last year, I went to the Imprint Culture Lab seminar/panel in downtown LA, and one of the discussions was mostly about the rise of Drift racing as a sport/subculture. And since then, drifting seems to have only grown in presence here, with companies like Scion and Rogue Status joining forces to enter the game. Today I just learned about this new automotive sport called Gymkhana, which is basically showing off your driving skills on a big flat obstacle course, and clearly incorporates a lot of drifting techniques into the mix. Interestingly, DC Shoes co-founder Ken Block (who is already a professional rally driver for Subaru) has jumped into it in a big way and DC are getting behind it with a special mini-site, including some amazing footage of Ken’s practice run at El Toro airbase last year. If you are remotely interested in driving, and haven’t seen any Gymkhana yet, check out the video. It’s kind of amazing. Via Dub Daily.

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