POW! WOW! Asia Tour Prints

POW! WOW! crew have teamed up with the good people at online print retailer 1xRun to drop timed-release prints from many of the participating artists in the events during POW! WOW! Japan and POW! WOW! Taiwan. So head over to 1xRun and check them all out! Some have already sold out.




Yesterday, I was lucky enough to catch up with the super talented homie CRYPTIK and hang at his great new studio space for a few hours. It was so nice to break bread and chop it up on living sustainably and the joys of composting. Overnight, he’s launched some great new product offerings in his online store, including a sick black-on-black Cryptigram Snapback hat, and the awesome Moksha tee in three great colors too. [See More]


I’m just back from three weeks in Asia for the POW! WOW! Asia Tour which started in Japan and then went to Taiwan. I’ve posted some BTS recap photos over on the Imprint Culture Lab website if you’d like to see another perspective on the epic events.


B.I.B 999

My talented friend Toronto-based artist Allister Lee is opening a new exhibition at One Grand Gallery in Portland this evening. It’s based around 999 black markers from his famous collection, and also includes archival documentation and illustration. The show runs until November 30th, if you’re in Portland, check it out! And here’s our 2012 interview for Imprint Culture Lab for more insight into Allister’s collection and his work.


Organic Contrast


In Tokyo for the first ever POW! WOW! Japan this week, we were exploring Shibuya and Harajuku and stumbled across the current Usugrow exhibition Organic Contrast. Needless to say, it was incredible. I’ve been a fan for years and years, and I still am. The exhibition was located in the Diesel Art Gallery and runs until November 5th. Since Usugrow is a participant in the first POW! WOW! here, it was a very nice coincidence. [See More]

Pigment Tokyo


On our first day here in Tokyo for POW! WOW! Japan, talented photographers Brandon Shigeta, Mark Kushimi, and I explored an incredible shop on Tennozu Isle called Pigment Tokyo – funny considering we are here to help paint the town. The visually stunning retail shop specializes in traditional Japanese and Asian brushes, inks, and paper. They also stock 4200 colors of custom pigment, arrayed in an amazing fashion, along one wall, creating a full spectrum of colors to choose from. The staff were exceedingly nice – happy to let us snap photos and ask questions about the lovely products. [Read More]