Cowabunga Pizza Party

Tomorrow, Rose City Pizza in Rosemead are hosting a TMNT-themed art show in addition to the pizza, tater tots, and craft beer they typically offer. Work from over 50 artists will be on display, including Benjie Escobar who also handled the flyer design. 7-10pm. Tubular.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 7.55.03 AM

SOFLES – Limitless

Sofles is a prolific Australian graffiti writer from Brisbane. I caught the previous (equally impressive) video over on Booooooom when Jeff posted it a year and a half back or so. This one also includes Fintan Magee, Treas, Quench. Shot and edited by Selena Miles. Sponsored by Ironlak. Thanks to Eddie Zammit for reminding me of this.

TYPO 2014

It’s almost like it’s not a real website if you don’t have a year-in-review post, right? For transparency’s sake,...

Pow! Wow! x Ron English

Here’s the latest video from the POW! WOW! crew, which introduces the event through the eyes of famous artist Ron English. Of all the POW! WOW! videos I’ve seen to date, I think this is closest to my own experience of walking around during the event in 2013, and meeting some of the artists while they work. POW! WOW! 2015 is less than two months away…