Dream Car


Speaking of MR44, I spotted this amazing car in Long Beach today, while checking out Formula DRIFT which takes place around the same time as the Long Beach Grand Prix each year. Last year, I was lucky enough to go for a ride (mostly sideways) in one of the high performance drift cars – an incredible experience, one I’ll never forget. Here’s the equally incredible JP Edition Sonata Turbo Version 2 featuring custom art by the very talented LA-based artist. [View Gallery]

Self Starters

Check out my Hawaiian homies, Jasper Wong and Kamea Hadar, co-lead directors of the incredible POW! WOW! Hawaii and POW! WOW! Worldwide mural festivals, recently featured on the NBC Asian America presents Self-Starters program. They’re two of the best, most-talented, and hardest-working people I know. This is well-deserved. Congrats guys!