POW! WOW! have just announced they will be partnering with SXSW and SprATX to create murals around Austin, Texas,...

Concrete Jungle

Artist Kevin Lyons has recently teamed up with Casio for a G-Shock collaboration, curated by Arkitip. This is the bluetooth enabled GB-5600, which you can set up to notify you of incoming calls and emails and whatnot. I’ve got one (a regular, black non-Kevin Lyons one) and I love it. Comes with a large format Kevin Lyons newspaper too.


Graffiti Mapped

Australian graffiti artist SOFLES has become well known for these attention-grabbing time-lapse videos of his murals, shot and edited by Selina Miles. This latest one is a huge exterior wall, and it really comes to life at the end. Shows you the huge potential for murals to combine with video projection, creating something quite impressive in the process. Via TWBE.