Aqui No Mas

The talented homie LA-based artist Benjie Escobar is taking his art to Texas for the first time, with his new exhibition Aqui No Mas opening at Presa House Gallery at 7pm this Saturday. He’s set to unveil a new body his trademark black & white “lowbrow” work; all ink on paper. The theme of Benjie’s latest work focuses on repurposing, reimagining, and updating iconic Chicano & Latino characters in new ways, and his own unique typography; inspired by low rider art and tattoos. Don’t miss out on the exclusive Flash Sheet print which will be available in the gallery. Presa House will also exhibit new work by artists Sabrina Alfaro and Gilbert Martine.

TSOTW: Outernational

This week’s T-Shirt Of The Week is this outdoorsy graphic tee from Selector, now available on black. I didn’t think it would work well on black, an enthusiastic customer really pushed for it, and it ended up looking really great. Teamwork.

TSOTW: L.A. Taco

The Dodgers are doing really well this season, which means we get a million new Dodgers tees, in celebration. This one really stands out from the crowd – artwork by my friend Benjie Escobar. Available at Hutch, who have a great series of Dodgers-inspired T-shaped heat right now.

Electronic Type

I really like this alphabet by Vinicius Araùjo, a/k/a VA Designer. Each letter is constructed with elements from an iconic piece of electronics design, such as this T, inspired by a Technics turntable. Via Fubiz.

Our minds can be hijacked

‘Our minds can be hijacked’: the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia is a slightly terrifying article from The Guardian, albeit with a marginally exaggerated headline, all about the way all our nifty smartphone apps and social media platforms are designed and gamed to maximize engagement. It might sound innocuous, but the end result is that some people check their phones 2617 times a day, and struggle with symptoms which sound a lot like ADHD. Since I work in social media to some extent, this issue is one I think about quite frequently. I find myself increasingly thinking I need more time away from the phone too.