All New Fort Knocks

My friends at San Diego-based sunglasses powerhouse Knockaround have just revamped their top-of-the-line Fort Knocks model. They’re injection molded with hidden spring hinges, and metallic gold details, with FDA-approved impact-resistant UV400 lenses. And they start at just $25.


Booooooom Correspondent

So my talented friend Jeff Hamada, the really nice man who runs Booooooom, recently got invited to attend Barcelona Design Week. He can’t make it, so he’s offering up a golden chance for anyone to apply to become the official Booooooom Correspondent for the week – traveling to Spain, visiting the event, reporting back to Booooooom. Who wouldn’t want to do that? PS Barcelona is amazing.


Pedal Power

Long Beach is gearing up (see what I did there?) to unveil its brand new bike share program, woot! It’s been a few years in the making, but North America’s “most bike-friendly city” finally gets a well-deserved and eagerly-awaited bike share system. Find out more via Asia Morris at LB Post.



If you follow me on Twitter you might have noticed I’m slightly obsessed with renewable energy. It seems like an obvious solution to some of the problems we’ve inflicted on our planet in the last 100 years or so. It’s been quite some time since I’ve managed to get enthusiastic about a new Kickstarter project, but here’s one that’s really exciting to me – Orison is a relatively affordable new battery for your home, a smaller modular alternative to the recent-ish Tesla Powerwall. This kind of energy storage allows you to buy energy from the grid when it’s at its cheapest, or sell it back to the grid when it’s at its highest, and you can store the energy from solar or wind power too. It’s exciting to think this kind of individual sustainable energy storage could be just around the corner as a mainstream solution.


Gods II

Accomplished LA-based artist CRYPTIK has brought back the Gods II sticker pack, one last time. This edition of 200 packs includes 10 stickers – 6 of the Movement’s most iconic ‘GODS’: Buddha, Lord Shiva, Mahakala, the Bayon Buddha, Barong & Lord Ganesha in two sizes. 4 color silkscreen with gold foil. Go! Go! Go! #CRYPTIKMOVEMENT


Things Organized Neatly


Things Organized Neatly is a thoroughly enjoyable new look at everyday objects, carefully arranged and laid out – such that the arrangement is something of a work of art in of itself. This is most satisfying if you’ve got a serious inner neat freak (definitely guilty of this shortcoming myself). The author, Austin Radcliffe, is known for running a Webby Award-winning Tumblr site dedicated to the same topic. [Read More]