Because Savings

Please pardon the shameless side-project plug here, but my little tee brand Selector is currently having a big 50%...

Imprint Presents Koichi Suzuno

Here’s the video from a recent Imprint Presents talk I helped produce, with Koichi Suzuno, co-founder of Torafu Architects. The talk was in DTLA on May 5th and Imprint’s founder, Julia Huang, gave on-the-spot translation as Suzuno-san went over some of his best portfolio projects. He’s a creative genius as far as I’m concerned – there’s something unique about his approach to a design challenge which I find fascinating. Enjoy.

Super Villain

Super Villain is a new project from my old friend John-Pierre Garrucho A.K.A. JP, a Sacramento native who has...


I’ve spent the last decade trying to stay organized with an insane combination of to do list formats: Post-It...

Fog Camo 2

San Diego-based sunglasses brand Knockaround have teamed up with SF-based clothing brand Benny Gold for a second pair of...

Ello, Facebook Killer

I’m not really an early adopter, and certainly not when it comes to social media platforms. I never joined...