This week’s T-Shirt Of The Week is this Wu-Banger from talented designer/illustrator Soulamode. If you grew up in the late ’80s and early ’90s like I did, Batman tees were ubiquitous. The Wu-Tang logo tee has been nearly as iconic in the last two decades. Soulamode deftly references both winning graphics for a real win-win here. Available exclusively at Hutch LA.


A Decade of Knocks 2

Here’s the second of 5 new videos from San Diego-based sunglasses brand Knockaround, celebrating their 10 year anniversary – this one gives a nice shout out to the Imprint team for their involvement in the company’s impressive growth.


Considering it’s just about the coolest project I’ve ever worked on (in my opinion, anyway) I had to include the POW! WOW! Long Beach logo tee in the mix here. Not only is this a great-looking T-shirt, it reps Long Beach, one of the best cities in the universe, and furthermore, it’s an excellent way to support the whole POW! WOW! movement. Also available as a women’s logo tee!


A Decade of Knocks

Knockaround is my favorite sunglasses brand. This is because a) they are awesome people, b) they make rad sunglasses, and c) their sunglasses are very reasonably priced. The creative company is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year, and they’re releasing 5 videos for the occasion – across this month and next. This is the first of the series, dubbed “Beginnings – Video 1 of 5.” Enjoy!!

Space Race

You might have seen the fascinating Kickstarter project to reproduce the 1976 NASA Graphics Standards Manual – a lot of people shared it including Jeff at Booooooom. Interestingly, NASA seem to have responded by quietly releasing a free PDF of the graphics manual, which you can enjoy here. According to this Motherboard article it sounds like the Kickstarter project will continue as planned, with higher-quality scanning than you’ll find in the free PDF.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 12.07.46 PM