One Time For Your MIND

I’ve been dabbling in this diet for your brain which I first read about over at Fast Company. The MIND diet is a combination of two successful evidence-based diets, designed to provide your brain with the best fuel. The benefits include increased focus, energy, and better sleep; which is what attracted me initially. It’s been about a month that I’ve been sticking quite closely to this diet and I must say I feel like it’s paying off tremendously. I do feel more focused during the day, less lethargic, and more well-rested when I wake up the next day. To be honest, it wasn’t a huge lifestyle change for me, and I love how flexible the whole plan is.

Soom Soom

The homies took me to lunch at the dope new Corporation Food Hall (no relation) in DTLA yesterday. We ate at Soom Soom, and it was super bomb. Normally you have to trek out to West LA for decent middle eastern food. If you’re a falafel afficionado you’re def gonna wanna give this spot a try.

TSOTW: Purgatory

Purgatory is one of my favorite local pizza spots on the East side of Los Angeles. They do by-the-slice, which is awesome, the quality is always on point, and the staff are super nice too. Each time I go in, I notice they have some pretty cool tees available. This is one of several winners – check out their online store.


What’s cooking? If you’re like me – you love Italian food, and you are also keen on design – then this new title from Electa is a total no-brainer, right? What’s not to love about a thorough documentation of all the wonderful ways that Italians have branded, advertised, packaged, and marketed their delicious cuisine over the last century or so? The author, Alberto Bassi, is an associate professor and director of Industrial Design at the University IUAV in Venice (Italy, not SoCal, duh!). The thick paperback tracks no less than 80 beloved Italian food products, from the initial concept through to packing, communication, and advertising. The impressive visual assets within FOOD DESIGN IN ITALY include drawings, posters, magazine ads, stills from T.V. commercials, and more. The lineup is mouthwateringly familiar for the most part, including the likes of Barilla pasta, San Pellegrino water, Campari aperitif, Bacci chocolates, Nutella spread, Illy coffee, and, I’m getting super hungry right now…gotta run. Ciao! [See More]

The Pizza Show

Several good friends have told me I need to check out the new pizza-themed show from VICE Munchies, which is called The Pizza Show. This episode is all about pizza in NYC. Now I’m starving hungry, and ready to go hunting for some pizza myself.

Food Beef

This recent no star review of Watts-based-healthy-fastfood-spot-turned-chain Locol, by NY Times critic Pete Wells has ruffled a lot of feathers! Here’s co-owner Roy Choi’s response on Instagram – he seems to be taking it in stride. Personally, I think Pete was a bit too harsh and arguably insensitive, but he makes a constructive point: the idea behind Locol is amazing; but the food is not mind-blowing. I’m more inclined to just support this kind of good initiative, versus critiquing it, but each unto their own.