I don’t post about food much here – maybe because I’m vegetarian, and I’m not really a foodie. I usually like to keep it simple, and by simple, I mean pizza. Today I went to Guisados in Boyle Heights again with a friend and loved it as always. I gather their meaty offerings are well-worth writing about; the vegetarian ones are too. Never disappoints. Also, the Limon Aguas Frescas is amazing.


Taco Madness 2016

Don’t forget to head over to LA Taco to participate in their great Taco Madness 2016 vote for the best taqueria in Los Angeles. It’s kind of a big deal. The first round has been decided, second round voting starts today.


ELM x Hutch

This Saturday, the good people at East Los Musubi will be at at Verdugo Village retail outpost Hutch LA from 1-6pm serving up their LA-style musubi heat. There will also be poke – another Hawaiian treat. Word is, there will be some special surprises too. See you there.


Urban Fruit

Urban Fruit is an interesting documentary about the “urban gardening” backyard food production revolution taking place here in Los Angeles. It’s funny because my wife and I are quite serious about our vegetable garden, and lots of our friends and family are too. LA really is a great place to grow your own food. Lots of smart people think this approach could be the solution to the problems created by big agriculture. Growing your own organically means you know exactly what you’re eating too.