Urban Fruit

Urban Fruit is an interesting documentary about the “urban gardening” backyard food production revolution taking place here in Los Angeles. It’s funny because my wife and I are quite serious about our vegetable garden, and lots of our friends and family are too. LA really is a great place to grow your own food. Lots of smart people think this approach could be the solution to the problems created by big agriculture. Growing your own organically means you know exactly what you’re eating too.


I watched Cowspiracy yesterday, a fascinating documentary which happens to be on Netflix currently. It’s all about how the modern agriculture industry is the main offender in global warming and environmental decline, because raising cows for dairy and meat is unsustainable and killing the planet. It looks at why no major environmental groups are willing to tackle the issue (or even acknowledge it). It’s not fun to watch, but crucial watching nonetheless.

Taco Madness Party

If you’re wondering what to do this Sunday, LA TACO have teamed up with Red Bull to create a party at Villain’s Tavern, complete with live art, DJs, and some of the city’s best taco trucks. Tickets are $10.